Reviews: "When Anorexia Came To Visit: Families Talk About How An Eating Disorder Invaded Their Lives" by Bev Mattocks

When Anorexia Came To Visit: Families Talk About How An Eating Disorder Invaded Their Lives

"I have been recommending your book When Anorexia Came to Visit. I think I forgot to tell you how good I found it. I really like the style and each parent tips. I tend to do this with my publications, as some suggestions and guidance towards recovery are really needed, and your book does that." - Jane Smith, Director, ABC (Anorexia & Bulimia Care)

"I don't endorse books, even of friends, unless I'm ready to live with having my friends and readers go out and buy it and tell me about it later. I really, really like this book. And not because I wrote a little intro or because I know many of the families inside, including the author - though that is an extra thrill. I like this book, and I'm endorsing it warmly, because it tells the world what I know is true and important. It shows real families facing eating disorders with all the heroic, courageous, exhausting love that I know is going on all over the world. If we want to beat the stereotypes and truly change the way parents and families are regarded this is a 20-dose package of that medicine. These perfectly normal yet also extraordinarily challenged families are the antidote to images of over-involved, uncaring, crazed, clueless parents. Yet each is unique: there is no one solution or one lesson. Each family's story, wonderfully edited by Mattocks, is a view to family commitment and engagement. Families who have been part of the F.E.A.S.T. and Around the Dinner Table community will cheer for the families and even recognize a few! ...Although I considered myself familiar with the particular issues in the UK I learned a great deal more here than I knew before." - Laura Collins, Founder of F.E.A.S.T. & Author of 'Eating With Your Anorexic'

"Sensative, well written and a must read for families, provides comfort in the absence of help and support. Very Informative." - former eating disorder sufferer

"If you have a child with an eating disorder, or suspect he or she may have one, this will help you to see what may happen. It offers the stories of 20 different families, yet it's amazing how similar many of the stories are. Anorexia is such an awful illness - and that's what it is, an illness. They can't help it. It's all part of their biological makeup. Sadly the most prevalent issue that arises in virtually every story is the same - some group pertaining to be a professional fails them. Whether it's CAMHS, Adult Services, their GP or someone else. We've experienced the same. But the tips that each mother gives at the end of their stories are extremely helpful. This is an informative, if heart-rending, book. Have had to hide my tears occasionally, especially when reading on public transport. Best to read it in the safety of home... " - Parent

"A fantastic book for either parents or healthcare professionals involved with eating disorder sufferers. This book gives a rare insight into the full impact eating disorders have on the whole family. True accounts are from a parental view point, a view so often ignored by health care professionals. The struggles, from getting diagnosed, to getting food into someone who absolutely does not want to eat, the exhaustion. But also positivity, how can parents support their children ( and themselves) What works, and what doesn't? How have other families coped and survived? Practical advice, much needed in the murky eating disorders world." - Parent

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